Road to Cedar Point-Week 2

Seven more days in the training log.

Seven days closer to racing 140.6 at Cedar Point.

Seven days stronger.

Swam 274 laps in the 25y pool this week, rode 95 miles on the stationary trainer, and ran 21 miles on the road with my heart rate under 140bpm.  Dropped a total of 10 lbs. since starting.  To some people, this sounds like an intense week, while to others, it’s a nice start.  It me, it was a solid week with a lot to be proud of.  More importantly, it demonstrated how important it is to have a loving and encouraging support base.

Coach Nick Logan of Bike Express in Danbury, CT has been sending me training plans through and giving me daily guidance on how best to attack my training plan.  My loved ones have been very supportive by pushing me out the door to make sure I get my miles and staying on the phone with me while I ran at midnight.

And I launched this blog… which nobody has read yet.

Age-grouper stuff: there was the typical … work week, kid’s activities, family time, pancake breakfast, cleaning, helping with the laundry, and doing dishes.

Things I loved about last week … my wife stayed up late to chat on the phone with me while I ran at midnight.  My kids ran with me during the final mile of my long run.  The moon is waxing and nearing a full moon – I love running at night when the moon is so bright that it can cast shadows.


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