Into the woods…

Last night’s training plan called for a 2,400 yard swim building into 500y sets of 5×100, 2×250, and 1×500, followed by an easy 2 mile run (heart rate under 140bpm). During the 1×500 I realized the pool was closing momentarily and I wasn’t pushing hard enough.  

The threat of not finishing my main set was a swift kick in the flipper to motivate me to push through and hustle.  While pushing to finish the set and ignoring the lifeguard that was patiently waiting at the end of the lane, my mantra shifted to regret – you should have been pushing this pace before – your 100y cooldown’s not going to happen – you should have left the house sooner. 

I mentally shifted from training to punishment.

I could have taken the opportunity as a positive challenge to get back on pace … I am training for a race, after all.  We’re always fighting against clock but I’m changing my thinking.  I’m no longer fighting the clock, the clock is there to keep me honest.  The clock is an arbitrary measure that doesn’t care about my obligations, commute, or training plan – when I fight the clock, there is no one to fight back, which means I can’t “win”


Part two of my training plan was pure delight – clear skies, bright moon, clear mind.  This training season is full of firsts for me and legit heart rate training is a first.  There’s no ability to punish myself on the run.  

My mantras become “slow down to go fast” … “hurry up and slow down” … “time to relax” … “breathe, release.”

The Norwalk River Valley Trail is a crushed gravel trail that will eventually span +40 miles from the Long Island sound, north to Danbury, CT (with some road segments mixed in).  It’s not connected yet but there are plenty of segments to enjoy.  That’s exactly what I did – enjoy a 2 mile run on the trail, under the moonlight.  I enjoyed 4 miles of my 2 mile run.  I LOVE moonlit running.  When the moon is full, I will intentionally delay my run so I can be running at midnight.

For me, this is my moment of meditation and the picture tries to capture the moment.

I am very blessed to have the opportunity to have been selected by Bike Express of Danbury, CT to receive coaching to build me to race my first full iron distance 140.6 mile triathlon at Cedar Point.  We’re only into week 3 but Nick Logan’s coaching has been outstanding – his deliberate approach and consideration of my typical “age grouper” time demands is impressive.

The “age grouper” rose to the daily challenge the road to Cedar Point continues …



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