Road to Cedar Point-Week 3

NRVT_Have a Nice Day

Week 3 is in the books and it was a demanding week … time-wise.  Due dates for work coming into month-end, family-time, and trying to help clean-up around the house.  Has anyone fed the bunny rabbit today?  When was the last time I vacuumed under the kitchen table?  The kids are due for some play dates – whose around this weekend?  If everyone is sound asleep by 9, I might be able to get everything done.

You know … we’ve all been there.

 I didn’t get to finish any of my swim sets this week … the lifeguards were nice enough to not interrupt my main set but no time for cool-downs on Mon/Wed.  And then Friday’s swim was shut down early due to a code brown in the 25y pool.  Gross – but I understand … family swim coincides with lap swim.  800y is better than none.

Snow and rain didn’t derail my run training but lightning … I can’t outrun lightning yet.

Having a stationary bike trainer is the only guaranteed workout and although stationary trainers can be expensive, this one has been one expense that I view as an investment.  Totally worth it.

Like the green crocus shoots I see sprouting through the leaves, my training to starting to show results.

Run training has been focused on staying under 140bpm … you have to go slow to go faster.  Last week was 7 miles at an 11:04 pace and this week was 8 miles at 10:43 pace.  I’ll take that!

But through it all, I’m staying focused and positive.  I didn’t get down on myself for “not running before work at 4am” or “for taking the extra 10 minutes to tuck the kids in and kiss them good night” – that cost me my cool-down on the Mon/Wed swim but I’m ok with that.  My loving wife stayed on the phone with me during my midnight runs and kept me company – it reminded me a lot of college.  I’ve made important and necessary choices in terms of prioritization this week and I don’t regret them, I embrace them.

The road to Cedar Point continues, albeit at a slightly faster pace …




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