The taste of progress …

We all want to see those “immediate” results and sometimes it happens.  It wasn’t there and now it is.  Like the management parable of The Chinese Bamboo Tree, results can be swift and noticeable … But they all began long ago as a seed or a notion that was properly nourished through dedication, patience, perseverance, and love – then all at once – life.  These “immediate” results become the landmarks of our efforts and progress.

To the untrained eye, results were swift, tangible, and easily replicable.  The prudent (wo)man knows better.

My “first” run began about five years ago at a blistering pace – something close to 8:30/min for half a mile – and ended at the stop sign with my heart pounding through my chest and lungs screaming for breath. I proceeded to build from there – celebrating the small victories along the way. Cheering for everyone that easily passed me at every race.  Offering words of encouragement for the few that I passed.  Walking when I needed to but never stopping.

On Sunday Runday, my week-over-week (sub-140bpm heart rate) run pace improved by 21 seconds.  Today was the first time my resting heart rate started with a 5_.  Small victories that started long-ago.  Small victories that I will carry with me.  Small victories that I will honor by continuing to build upon prior victories.

The road to Cedar Point is paved in small victories



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