Be contagious …

Everyone has that friend who is eternally happy with whatever life presents them.  They are willing to take a moment to find the positive opportunity that is being presented to them.   The depths of their positivity can be sickening – get angry, be unhappy, commiserate!

You – be that positive person.  Even if you don’t want to be, even when you can’t be bothered with it but especially when it takes effort.  Be that light of positivity.

No rain, no rainbows.”

You’ll never know the extent of your influence but it’s always there.  You may never know on which day you were someone’s rainbow but inevitably it will happen.  Someone will look to you for encouragement.  They might never ask you and they may never tell you about it. It could be as simple as a smile in passing.

We take pride in the “shut-up legs” mantra.  It’s on our coffee mugs, t-shirts, and tattooed on the top of every hill you’ve ever summited. We say it over-and-over again because we believe it is true.

When I walk past my old office, I get drawn to the reasons why I wanted to leave.  The negativity I felt and the doubt and insecurity that negativity instills. I daydream as I walk – it sucks me in and it pulls me down.

Shut-up negativity.”  That’s my mantra. Today is a gift and my problems are blessings.  I am happy – I am positive.  I choose to build-up myself today and leave these bricks of negativity behind. I will say that until it’s true because I know it’s true – even if I don’t admit it for those few minutes as I walk.

The sun is always shining and if there is rain, there will be rainbows along the road to Cedar Point … I’m positive about that!



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