The Phoenix Inside …

In Greek mythology, the phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically reborn – dying in flames and arising from the ashes.  

The most engaging stories and symbols have their foundation in truth and application to life.  

The pine barrens along the Atlantic coast of the Midwest and northeast US occur on dry, acidic, infertile soils.  To thrive and survive, the various pitch pine trees and other indigenous flora require periodic fires to clear-out the less fire-resistant species.  The natural flora is reborn from the ashes and continues to thrive.  

The pine barrens continue to thrive, if they are willing and able to tolerate the burn.

When we train, we welcome the burn.  We embrace the burn – the pain. Pain is weakness leaving the body.  The silent screams of fire from our quads are the deranged reminder of our resolve to swim, bike, run … Grow, thrive!

Our legs will be continually reborn on the road to Cedar Point because when the gun sounds on race day … we’ll be flying!


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