The Support Crew in the Arena …

It is not the individual athlete who counts; not our sacrifice to become stronger, faster, more aero; or the moments where the race could have gone better. The credit belongs to the support crew who makes the journey possible, whose sacrifice is measured by more than our simple absence; who encourages constantly; who loves and misses us with every passing lap, mile, and minute, because there is no effort possible without them. They strive to support our endeavors; they know great enthusiasms, loud cowbells, witty signs, and great devotions; they dedicate themselves to our cause; at our best they can celebrate the triumph of our achievement, and at their best, we can stand tall as they pull, push, and cheer us forward. Some days will not favor the athlete but it is the bright and loving souls of our support crew that make victory possible every day.  

The road to Cedar Point is paved by our support crew and lined with their sacrifices. It is only through honoring and appreciating the sacrifices of our support crew that we can experience victory, regardless of the outcome …



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