Your village …

“A man is known by the company he keeps.” 

There is no race that is run or won alone.  Have you defined your village and identified the people that drive you forward?  Possibly more important, have you identified the people that hold you back?

When I was young, my grandfather asked me who my role models were and told me about the importance of aspirations.

As I grew, I realized the importance of coaches in our lives. The coach is there to encourage, to motivate, and to provide a game plan.

The more deeply involved in “sport” I became, it became clear that not all coaches instruct and not all instructors coach

– Technical perfection requires instruction

– Perfect execution requires coaching

I’m now at a point in my life where my achievements are viewed based on “independent” actions and drive. I have a team, I am a role model, I lead through influence and authority.  I am responsible for more than just myself and “expectations” are the benchmarks that judge performance.

“I” is now defined by “them” 

Since I cannot do this alone, I turn to my network and identify mentors. The accomplished professionals that have been there, seen this, and done that. The free advice that is willfully given by people that want to share their experiences. The altruistic influences that honestly want nothing more than to see you win. The open ear that encourages you to think through the challenge and formulate a solution.

When I reflect on the influence that sport had on my life and the lessons that I learned, it becomes abundantly clear that it was only possible because of the sacrifices of others. People that believed in me and wanted to see me “win” were all around me. I was building my village with aspirations of winning. 

– Winners win, that’s just what we do

How much thought have you given to your village?

– Who are your role models?

– Who are your coaches?

– Who are your instructors?

– Who are your mentors?

– Who is sacrificing for you?

– Who wants to see you win?

The people that we surround ourselves with are the people that shape and influence our individual culture. Are you surrounded by the people that are shaping the culture you thought you wanted to live in?

The road to Cedar Point is long but welcoming because I have a village behind me and we aspire to become more than we were yesterday!



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