Rainbow Shoelaces …

New experiences can be daunting, especially when you’re five years old.  But “new” isn’t a reason to pass on an opportunity.
A few years back, I coached my daughter’s soccer team.  If you watch the first few games of the any season – for kindergartners – you see some very inspiring moments of courage and trust.  Moments that could easily wipe-away half of our excuses in the adult world.

It’s inevitable … first game … someone doesn’t want to go on the field.  There are tears, maybe a pep talk, and eventually … hopefully … a first time on the field.  It might only last a few seconds but it happened.  Second game … maybe no tears but definitely a pep talk and possibly an ice cream after the game.  Third game … no tears and possibly a smile.  And always voices of support and encouragement from the sideline. You can do it. Great try.  Keep going.  Good hustle.

Between the third and fourth game … there was a single moment that changed everything.  The local sporting goods store has a huge selection of shoe laces.  I turn to my daughter and she asks “Can I pick out a pair of shoelaces?”  … light bulb … I smile and say “Yes, any pair you want.  But you have to make me a promise.  When you’re wearing those shoelaces – you run hard, always try your best, but most importantly, you enjoy every step you take.  Deal?”  She picks a pair of rainbow shoelaces – we have a deal.

Game four.  Rainbow shoelaces tied tight and not a teardrop in sight.  She asks to be on the first line.  She’s on the field and a natural.  I overhear one of the other parents say “clearly, she’s the coach’s daughter.”  

I look at my daughter.  She’s out of breath and smiling ear-to-ear.

I smile.  I know.  Rainbow shoelaces.

She played the game on her terms today and loved every moment.  It was game time!

No excuses, good intentions, and a game plan.  

The road to Cedar Point is traveled on our own terms and when we get there, it’s game time!


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