Butterflies …

Walking over to home plate for your first at bat.

Standing backstage hearing the din of the audience, moments before the music is queued and the curtain rises.

The ticking seconds as the test proctor is handing out your first exam with the “blank side up.”

We’ve all experienced moments that were “in the making” for some time. Events that we have thrown ourselves into and committed to preparing for.  Opportunities where our loved ones have made sacrifices for us.

My weekly training Time over the past year:

Sunday is my first race of the season… My first outdoor swim of the season.  My first long outdoor ride of the season.  The first “test” of four consecutive months of training.  Early mornings, late nights, burning quads, heart rate training, fueling, pain, and sacrifice.  

Sunday is not the destination but it is the first real test – Rev3 half (70.3 miles) race at Quassy Amusement Park.

– Swim 1.2 miles

– Bike 56 miles

– Run 13.1 miles

Last year, I finished 4th from last in my age group and my “biggest” weekly volume of training hours included the actual race itself!

This year is different. Nick Logan from Bike Express in Danbury, CT is coaching me and I’ve put in 10-15 hours per week for four straight months. This year has been all about consistency.

My year-to-date training stats:

Swim distance of 48 miles is the exact distance of my daily commute (90 minutes via a combination of speeding car, express train, and NYC walking)

Bike elevation gain of 36,631ft is taller than any mountain in the world, including the elevation of Everest (29,029ft) and the height of Mauna Kea from its ocean base (30,610ft)

Run distance of 459 miles is more than 2 laps around the entire state of Rhode Island

Quassy is the first true landmark on our road to Cedar Point.  We have been committed to train and sacrifice – we are prepared for some butterflies.

Follow me (site will be live on Sunday) as I race bib #1225



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