Slow and steady …

Everyone’s heard the fable of the tortoise and the hare.  Most runner’s spend their hibernation months pacing Long Slow Distance  runs.  I even thought I understood and trained using heart rate pacing.  

The rule of thumb is “if you can maintain a conversation, you’re heart rate is low enough to be considered HR training.”

I understood the “slow” part well-enough – I can run slow.  The “steady” part seemed clear but was elusive-enough to prevent any tangible gains. Until, I had a coach that showed me what steady really means.

Steady = Consistent 

Consistently running with my heart rate under 140bpm

Consistently running (almost) every day

Consistently challenging myself to be more efficient with every run 

Consistently trusting my coach

That’s when the gains became tangible.  The slow and steady started to become consistently better.  

– Committed to improvement.  

– Dedicated to training.

I’m 20lbs lighter, running nearly 3 minutes faster per mile, swimming more efficiently, and my resting heart rate is now more of a reflection of my sleep patterns, rather than my overall health and fitness.

The road to Cedar Point is long but our travels are consistent.


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