Guest Post from my Inspiration

Disclaimer, I am not John Gregson.  I am not a triathlete.  I’m a spectator, a part of the support crew.  I thank you in advance for this space to guest blog.

I was listening to a podcast, and the topic was the myth of permanence in our identity.  We are constantly renewing ourselves, even on a cellular level.

  • Skin cells turnover in 2-3 weeks.
  • Red blood cells – 4 months
  • Colon cells – 4 days
  • And while, neurons remain, the protein atoms turnover.

You get the point.  Every day you are literally becoming the new you.

And this made me immediately think about you triathletes – how every day you commit yourselves to becoming the next version of yourselves.  Triathlete 2.0 – next gen, sleeker, faster, stronger.

Even on days when your swim set got cut short or a thunderstorm set you back on your run or a day when the call of family was louder than the call of the road or just a day when you were just. Too. Tired.

There are those races that don’t turn out the way you’ve envisioned.  You trained so hard and have swam, biked, and ran so many miles towards a vision of a race day that had the audacity to show up with….a flat tire or messed up gears or goggles that didn’t work or just plain ol’ the time receipt reported numbers that didn’t match your expectations.

It can feel like a setback or a failure.  But you athletes rise again because you know tomorrow holds another opportunity to just keep moving forward.  Your cells know it.

And your spectators know it.

You train to make yourselves better, faster, sleeker, stronger.  But your journey has secondary effects on your spectators.  You inspire us.

I can’t speak for all spectators.  I can only speak for myself.  To me, it’s not the time receipt that inspires me.  It’s not even the whether or not you cross the finish line.

What inspires me is how you slough off the old and renew.  You slough off the perceived setbacks, the old excuses, the excess baggage that you decided to put down because you can run faster when you are not carrying those old beliefs “Well, I can’t do that because……”  Gone.  You’ve replaced them with new mantras, new affirmations:

“I can and I will”

“Never surrender”

“There’s no such thing as a “perfect” race but there is a perfect attitude.”

“I will strive to find the opportunity in every moment to learn from my mistakes, practice gratitude, and become a better version of myself.”

Thank you for the inspiration.

I must admit, it’s not always easy being a member of the support crew.  On those long runs and long rides, we miss you, and I know you miss us.  But you are inspiring us.  You are setting the example for what it’s like to commit to being better every day.

The road to Cedar Point has been long and now it’s T-minus 5 weeks away.  The road has been fraught with uphills and major wins along the way.  So we will continue to cheer this last leg of your race and look forward to crossing the finish line with you, renewed , alive, and transformed.


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