Rev3 Old Orchard Beach, ME

Swim, bike, run, lobstaah!

Rev3 selects family-friendly locations and coordinates first-class events and OOB is a perfect example of how Rev3 is the best at what they do, with no exaggeration.

The Venue: Perfect location to both host a race and take a vacation!

This was our first time in Maine and our first family vacation to a beach side town. Old Orchard Beach (OOB), Saco, and the surrounding towns thrive on the summer tourist season, and it shows.  The town website has an online vacation planner to review everything there is to do.

There’s a permanent amusement park (Palace Playland), mini golf courses, go-kart racing, Aqua Boggin water park, restaurants and bars, miles of beach side motels and touristy gift shops, and a beautiful sandy beach that has waves big enough for boogie boarding but is shallow enough for the kids to feel safe and have fun!  Fireworks at the pier on Thursday nights encouraged us to arrive a night earlier.

We spent three full days and the kids were asking to come back, before we even left. has some beautiful pre-planned bike routes that we wanted to ride but were rained out.  On the way up, we stopped into Kennebunk, ME for a whale watching tour.  The kids had fun but make sure you bring a rain coat if you plan to sit on the main deck. We saw a fin whale and harbor porpoises – it took about an hour before we saw the whale but once we did, the kids loved it.  We booked tickets online two days prior, to make sure there was space.


Final Thoughts: For a race venue, Rev3 picked a first class location to host a triathlon.  The town is an ideal venue for a family vacation – there’s too much to do in just one trip.  Race day was perfect coordination and execution, which are hallmarks of Rev3 events.  The volunteer staff was awesome and Rev3 was more than happy to let anyone volunteer that wanted to.

Rev3 is dedicated to ensuring every triathlete and all their spectators have a great race experience.  Old Orchard Beach is an ideal venue for everyone to have a great day.  

We had a great vacation and we’ll definitely see you again next year!


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