Why Rev3 …

Surround yourself with people who push you.

Who challenge you.

Who make you laugh.

Who make you better.

Who make you happy!

Racing with Rev3 makes me happy.

We’ve spent months, perhaps years, maybe a lifetime training and preparing for these moments.  Today.  Race day!

Everyone is out to race their best effort possible and be the best version of themselves in this moment.  Rev3 empowers people to make that happen.

What makes Rev3 the best at what they do?

Location, location, location

Forget about the individual triathlete for a moment.  Our loved ones have sacrificed, so we could earn the right to be here today.  Without their support, we couldn’t be here.  Being part of the support crew isn’t easy but it always feels like Rev3 picked “this” location to thank the support crew and honor them for their sacrifices.  Selecting a triathlon course is a logistical venture for the athlete but for the support crew … you need to select a venue that is entertaining and more than a race / vendor expo.   Triathlon season is race-cation season for us, because of Rev3!

  • Quassy – Quassy Amusement Park and the Beast of the Northeast.  This is my home field advantage.  The course is a beast but Quassy is an easy, fun time for the kids to enjoy some low-key amusement park rides and the kid zone.  We only ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory once but I think it’s now our pre-race dinner tradition (30 minute drive west to the Danbury Fair Mall and down the street from Bike Express).  P.S. Kids triathlon during the 70.3 on Sunday!
  • Williamsburg – The Historic Triangle.  I think I was the only kid to never visit Colonial Williamsburg, ride the rides at Busch Gardens, or slides at Water Country USA.  Early-bird registration is complete …  just need to book the hotels.  My kids won’t miss out.
  • Poconos – “The Poconos” … I’ve driven through here on countless road trips, just like everyone that grew up in the tri-state NYC metro area.  Maybe even had a few day-trips to ski.  Next season, we’ll finally stop-off for a race and maybe arrive a day early to enjoy an easy, family-friendly rafting excursion, hike, or family bike ride.
  • Old Orchard Beach – “Vacationland”  My family tends to favor adventure vacations instead of “relaxing” but this was a wonderful way to relax on an adventure.  The beach was a blast – my kids would have boogie-boarded all week long.  There are some great designated bike routes to explore the coastline.  Next year, we’re adding the high ropes course and indoor go-kart racing to the itinerary!
  • Cedar Point – Roller Coaster Capital  of the World.  My wife asked “do you want to do an IronMan?” My honest answer was-and-still-is “no, what are you going to do for 10-14 hours while I race?” After racing the Full Rev 140.6 at Cedar Point, I can honestly say this isn’t an “IronMan” – this is The Full Rev!  It’s more than a race – Rev3 CP is the crown jewel of 140.6 race venues, second to none.  You can check out my race recap but in short – my crew enjoyed the trip so much that the kids were asking to go back before the end of the first day.  The only regret was not inviting more family to enjoy the amusement park with the kids.  Kids Tri on Saturday and family glow run on Sunday night!

It takes effort to make it look easy!

  • Registration
  • Packet pick-up
  • Transition & bike rack
  • Swim-start to finish-line
  • Aid stations
  • After party
  • A million logistical items and permits

Seamless, flawless execution that is so well orchestrated with the utmost professionalism that it’s easy to overlook the tremendous effort Rev3 puts into the preparation.  They are that good!

  • On the Facebook pages, Rev3 staff and team are constantly taking requests and suggestions to make the next event better, answering questions, and doing everything possible to make sure you are looking forward to and ready for the race.
  • There were last-minute road closures at Cedar Point that required a course change … Seamless updates and over-communication made it very easy to assume there was no required to make the changes.
  • The number of police officers and volunteers on the course … I guarantee that you’ll lose count before making it back to transition.

People make the difference!

  • When the staff remembers your name and says hello at the race, before you even see them or make eye contact!  #special
  • Rumor has it that the race director walked someone’s bike back to their hotel with a pep talk after they DNF’d #legendary
  • When chicken nuggets magically appear on the course for you #forreal
  • When you ask about swag and it unexpectedly shows up on your doorstep with a post-it note #swagtastic
  • When your free finisher photos become your favorite family photos #memories
  • When the dialogue on the Facebook pages creates new friends from total strangers #team
  • When nearly every participant and spectator has a story (or ten) of a Rev3 staff member going above and beyond to make a single moment special, throughout the day #rev3tri #businessasusual
  • No event ever goes perfectly but the Rev3 staff is great at handling the bumps and everyone is having such a great time that it’s easy to maintain perspective, roll with the punches, and have a #perfectday

Kids Events!

If you have younger ones in your crew, the kids tri is possibly the best part of the weekend.  My older daughter loves to train with me – we’ll do daddy-daughter mile runs, family bike rides, and pool time in preparation.  She gets a finishers medal, printed race results, and swag – she loves triathlon and loves being a part of Rev3 events.

Glow Runs!

My youngest daughter isn’t a big fan of swimming but she loves riding her bike and running.  She was thrilled to be signed-up for the 1-mile glow run/walk at Cedar Point.  I was happy because it was cheaper to buy the glow run registration (which also came with a t-shirt and park tickets for the weekend), than just buying a weekend park ticket alone!

The real reason … Why Rev3?
Because when I’m racing with Rev3, I’m part of something that is bigger than me.  We might be in the same age group but I’m cheering for you when you pass me.  After pacing together, we’re now following each other on Strava – kudos to you!  Triathlons break-down your mental limits and help you become a stronger, healthier version of you.  In doing so, you have a better perspective on where you’ve been and where you’re going but more importantly, you gain compassion for your competitors that are tri-ing their best today.

  • It’s not a participation trophy, it’s a finishers medal that was earned and paid for in sweat and bricks.
  • There’s no pretension, only encouragement and support.
  • There is only achievement.
  • Rev3 is a celebration.

Challenge yourself to become more than you were yesterday!  See you at a Rev3 swim start!


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