Challenge:  Join me and commit to moving at least one consecutive mile everyday. Walk, run, ride, hop, skip, jump, swim – however you want – just move.  

Everyday.  No excuses.  No matter what.
A long-touted mantra of “how to be rich” strategies is to pay yourself first.  Today is the day that we commit to paying ourselves first with a simple healthy habit.

How: This is bigger than you and I and because of that, we will hold ourselves to a higher standard.  We will commit ourselves, one day at a time and if we are fortunate enough, we will bring some friends and family along.

  • Write it down … “I will move at least 1 mile every day

Why: There are a number of reasons “why” you should make this commitment but you need more than a should.  Set a tangible, quantifiable goal.  If you want some guidelines for goal setting, check out my other post on S.M.A.R.T. goal setting.

  • I should walk every day results in I walked most days.  Don’t should all over your plans.  I will move or I must move is a much more compelling commitment to create lasting change in your life.

Find the “why” that pulls you forward, toward success.  Find your role model.  Find your inspiration.  Be the inspiration for someone else because someone else is always following your lead.  

Why should we do this?  

  • Because every journey begins with a step.
  • Because we want to be healthier.
  • Because we know someone that we want to live a healthier life.
  • Because you matter and this is a small victory that you can celebrate everyday.
  • Because you are a role model and inspiration to someone and you lead by example.

Tag a friend to join you – make this a daily routine for / with someone you care about.  Every week, I will tag someone to join me in this commitment too.

Here’s to our journey, together!  Let’s do our best to make sure the road is long and we can enjoy the journey together.


If you didn’t click the link to my other post and are wondering if this is a S.M.A.R.T. goal, and what that means, here’s the shortcut…

Specific: #moveONEmile

Measurable: One mile.  One day.

Achievable: All this asks of you is to approach your day with a plan and with intention.  Decide when, where, and how you will #moveONEmile, each day.

Reasonable: Yes – any way that works.  If you walk an average speed of 3mph, this asks you to dedicate 20 minutes of your day. If you have a fast bicycle, you can be done in 3 minutes.

Timebound: One day at a time.  Reset the goal daily.  


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