Goal setting 101

Welcome to the pre-season!

Pull up a seat, put down that sleeve of Oreos, and grab a pen & paper.  The off-season is officially over and now you are preparing for your season.  Here is an easy strategy around how to set your goals with an easy-to-remember acronym.



Specific: The more specific a goal is, the easier it is to hold yourself to that standard and and know if you’re on track.  Don’t say “lose weight” – set a goal of “lose 5 lbs.”

Measurable: No sugar-coating this one.  Set a clear way to measure both your progress and quantify your goal.  This is a binary result for you to check your progress – either you are moving toward or away from your goal.

Achievable: Here is your reality check.  We all dream big and while we can aspire to achieve our dreams, we need to differentiate between dreams and goals.  The purpose of this exercise is set goals with the expectation of achieving them.  If you achieve the goal mid-season, that’s cool – simply set another goal.

Reasonable: Shot putt throwers have a saying “Inch-by-inch is a cinch but yard-by-yard is hard.”  Makes sense … if you’re throwing a 16 lb. cannon ball, it’s easier to throw it an additional inch than a yard (or meter but that doesn’t rhyme).  Making reasonable goals helps to avoid mid-season frustration and giving up on seemingly “unattainable” goals.  If you’ve never run more than a mile in your life, race a 5k before you race a 140.6 full-Iron triathlon.  You can still do 140.6, just put if further down the list or with a longer time line.  And speaking of timelines …

Timebound: Here is some accountability for you – not only are you holding yourself to a higher, measurable standard that you can attain but you’re also s
etting an expectation on when you will reach the goal.  We are introducing some discipline to help avoid the slippery slopes and lies-we-tell-ourselves.

I’ll be sharing my goals over the coming weeks and I look forward to hearing about yours!


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